MELANIE AND CHRISBlatchford Air Field Hangar – Fort Edmonton Park Wedding

Fort Edmonton Park Wedding at the Blatchford Air Field Hangar

I’ve never met a couple who have more fun together than Melanie and Chris. Chris may be the funniest guy I’ve met, and Melanie’s laugh is so infectious – together, they’re a perfect pair. They say laughter is the best medicine, and apparently it is also the foundation for a wonderful marriage. And these two are the proof, with Melanie repeating often how much they laugh every single day. Their wedding, held at the Blatchford Air Field Hangar at Fort Edmonton Park, was a combination of gorgeous planning and décor – a traditional wedding with a contemporary twist – though never far from their thoughts was the experience for their guests. An experience that was close to never happening, thanks to the vitriol of two young arch enemies.

Blatchford Air Field Hangar - Portrait- Wedding Photographer - Fort Edmonton Park

It Wasn’t Love at First Sight

Melanie and Chris have known each other since Junior High. But don’t be mistaken – this isn’t one of those high school sweetheart fairytales. In fact, it starts out as quite the opposite. As Melanie put it, “We were actually enemies in school!” For many years, Melanie and Chris acted like they had nothing in common, though they were loath to reveal the depths of their name-calling and nose-snubbing.

Their paths continued to cross as they grew up, and as sometimes happens when you outgrow your youthful fancies, they agreed to get together one day and talk about their past and their differences. That was all the prompting it took, for in this very first date, Melanie knew that Chris was going to be her life partner. And with that, in one evening they went from being rivals to best friends. Two and a half years later, as they were decorating their Christmas tree, Chris handed Melanie one final ornament —a trinket he had crafted himself that read “will you marry me?”

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Classy, Elegant, and Comfortable Wedding Design

From the ceremony to the speeches at the reception, Melanie and Chris continued to have their guests’ comfort at the forefront of their planning. Everything took place in one central location – The Blatchford Air Field Hangar at Fort Edmonton Park. Their wedding, albeit classy and elegant, was also quite simple — it was about spending time with their loved ones and hosting a party where everyone could let loose and have fun. With the help of wedding planner extraordinaire, Jennifer Bergman Weddings, along with a team of fabulous vendors, Melanie’s dream sprang to life in glorious fashion!

Beyond all the amazing design and décor, Melanie remembers her first dance with Chris as her favourite moment of the day — “I knew the stress of the day was over and we could all just have a good time. The moment also signified a new future with my husband and I. It all felt real at that moment.”

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In the morning, as the bride and groom were getting ready with their wedding party, Melanie’s dad was putting the final touches on a beautiful old white Jaguar, perfectly suited for the vintage aesthetic of Fort Edmonton Park. Janine and her fantastic team from Fabloomosity created some amazing pieces for this wedding as usual. I’ve heard a lot of speeches, throughout my career, and I can honestly say that the best man’s toast to the groom was one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. And in true Melanie and Chris fashion, their party was off the hook…like call the cops good. Nothing got out of hand, but it was certainly an interesting, entertaining evening of dancing, photobooth-ing, and flip cup-ing! Melanie and Chris – may you continue to share a lifetime of laughs together!

Candid Photo - Wedding Reception - Blatchford Air Field Hangar - Fort Edmonton Park

Melanie & Chris // Edmonton, AB // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Carmen Freemark // Ceremony Venue: Fort Edmonton Park // Reception Venue: Fort Edmonton Park // Wedding Planner: Jennifer Bergman // Marriage Commissioner: Robert Ligertwood // Ceremony Musicians: Urban Metropolis // Caterer: Elizabethan Catering // Reception Entertainment: Urban Metropolis // Stationery: Pinkpolka Design // Floral Designer: Fabloomosity // Rentals: Site 6 Event Rentals and Special Event Rentals // Wedding Gown Boutique: Delica Bridal // Makeup Artist: Stylebar by Sonia Sajnani // Hair Stylist: Bailey Gartner // Groom’s Attire: Derks Formal