Our Dream Wedding In Edmonton

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.The morning of Kristina and Ryan’s wedding was a little soggy. Well, a lot soggy actually. So much so that the initial first look location had to be scrapped at the last minute due to the rain and mud. And while that may have been a problem for some, these two shrugged it off like champs. Which totally fits with their personalities. What they were able to do, you see, was make their wedding a completely

relaxed affair, a party all day long, and they did it in style! The relaxed part was key, and was visible in all aspects of their celebration. Kristina opted to go with unique floral hair pieces for her bridesmaids rather than bouquets, each bridesmaid wore her own unique dress, they rented a party bus so they could all travel around together in comfort, and the evening meal was a stand up reception with a fantastic assortment of food and tapas.

Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding Photography

“We wanted our wedding to be relaxed and have more of a party atmosphere, while still being beautiful. As I started to plan out a look, I found myself referring to it as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I wanted a lot of lighting to make it feel almost ethereal, greenery to bring in a natural element and soft touches of creams, blushes and nude tones.” ~Kristina

Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding Photography
Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding Photography

Great Locations, Wonderful Flow

It’s not surprising to hear the guests had a great time! Kristina and Ryan positively glowed all day long, but what really struck me was the perfect meshing of elements from the day. Their venue, the Yellowhead Brewery, was the perfect size for their guests, making it feel warm and cozy without being too crowded. They opted to go with a first look and a later ceremony to make the experience more

enjoyable for their guests, and it worked exactly as planned. We were able to find some amazing locations for the wedding photos, and I have to say this is one stunning wedding party! And while the day may have started with some dour weather, the storm passed just as the first look was about to happen, and what followed was a fantastic August summer day.

Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding Photography
Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding Photography

Wedding Dreams Do Come True

This is the kind of wedding I dream of – couples who have a great sense of style and definitely want everything to look great, but when it comes right down to it, they definitely know what really matters – friends, family, smiling, enjoying the moment, laughing a lot, and joining your life to the person who matters the most to you in the

whole world! Add it all up, and it’s a recipe for great photos, and great friendships. It makes me incredibly happy to see two people so clearly into each other! And, it didn’t hurt that despite the early ugly weather, everything came together to help make this one of the highlights of my summer.

Kristina & Ryan // 01 August 2015 // Edmonton, AB // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Carmen Freemark // Ceremony Venue: The Yellowhead Brewery // Reception Venue: The Yellowhead Brewery // Marriage Commissioner: Pat Steffes // Reception Entertainment: Thomas Scott // Stationery: Minted // Cake Shoppe: Cookies by Rainy Days Bakery // Floral Designer: FaBLOOMosity // Rentals: Special Event Rentals // Wedding Gown Boutique: Delica // Wedding Gown Designer: Truvelle // Makeup Artist: Janna Huget // Hair Stylist: Stefanie Carlson



Beautiful Alberta Rocky Mountain Wedding

After many hours, days, and months planning your dream wedding, you soon realize how quickly the day unfolds. Near the end of the evening, Tess and James snuck out of their reception to enjoy a few quiet moments to themselves — they rejoiced in being newlyweds and re-read their vows to one another. Unlike reading them in front of their family and friends during their ceremony, Tess recollects that “it felt like everything stood still as we spoke the words to each other once more; not for anyone to hear but us.”

Some of Tess and James’ most memorable experiences together have been from their adventures around the globe — including a moonlit proposal on a beach in Mexico. It was therefore suiting that they started their marriage in a beautiful destination — the glorious Rocky Mountains. As anyone in Alberta can attest to, it was not a surprise that albeit May, Tess and James, along with their guests were treated to every kind of weather the mountains have to offer — sunshine, snow, and fog!

Wedding Photos - Lake Louise - Forest - Mountain - Wedding Photographer - Day After

Wedding Decor perfection

Tess shares that the duo wanted to create a wedding that was a reflection of themselves — “an organic expression of the love, warmth, and joy that we share.” With Tess’ love of floral and candlelight, they accentuated the natural features of the ballroom with greenery, wooden chairs, and warm lighting and added pops of colour through peonies in a variety of colours.

The end result was a gorgeous wedding reception! The head table, complete with the FaBLOOMosity floral arrangement that flowed over the edge and down to the floor, was absolutely stunning. From the bride’s inspiration to the Jennifer Bergman’s perfect design and execution, this wedding is absolutely one of the most stunning weddings I’ve been a part of.

Bridal Party - Chateau Lake Louise - Snowy Alberta Mountains, Wedding Photos

The bride’s favourite thing about being married rings true as sage advice to other couples entering marriage: “the best thing about being married is to not plan our lives together, but live them together.”

Wedding Photos - Lake Louise - Forest - Mountain - Wedding Photographer - Day After

I love photographing in the Rockies and to be greated by the array of unpredictable weather was a thrill — even though it was Spring, you never really know what to anticipate when you’re in the

mountains and that just makes it more exciting. Tess and James, may you continue living your marriage rather than planning it and may it be filled with many more grand adventures! // Kelly

Chateau Lake Louise - Wedding Details - Table Settings - Center Piece - Alberta Mountain Wedding

Tess & James // Lake Louise, AB // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Kristy-Anne Swart // Ceremony Venue: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise // Reception Venue: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise // Wedding Planner: Jennifer Bergman // Marriage Commissioner: Klaus Ohlhoff // Ceremony Musicians: Music Mosaic // Stationery: Pinkpolka Design // Floral Designer: FaBLOOMosity // Rentals: Special Event Rentals Banff // Wedding Gown Boutique: Ethos Bridal // Wedding Gown Designer: Pronovias Atelier // Makeup Artist: Avenue Beauty // Groom’s Attire: Brooks Brothers Custom Tailor



Mansion Wedding all day, (Golf) Club Party all night

You know it’s a good wedding when you can’t get your guests off of the dance floor! In honour of Milton’s cultural background, the newlyweds invited a Latin band to perform a song for their first dance and continue to play throughout the evening, alongside one of Edmonton’s finest DJs. This was a party

that started hot, and sizzled all night long. The overflowing dance floor, filled with guests of all ages, and of varied levels of dance experience(!), was bursting at the seams with joy! Jen recalls that it was lovely to see how much fun Milton had during the reception: “I couldn’t even get him off the dance floor!”

Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta

“My favourite thing about being married: we’re starting a family together this October!” ~ Jen

Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta
Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta

Vintage + Glamour Decor at the (Golf) Club

Jen and Milton’s fun wedding was a perfect reflection of them. They selected a vintage theme, with hints of glamour, and special touches unique to them. After they determined their theme, Jen was on a mission to channel her inner Martha Stewart. She collected vintage teacups that had been passed down to her from her grandmothers and found vintage birdcages and books. Along with painting all of her treasures, she also convinced Milton to build and stain a “LOVE” sign

which was used as a backdrop behind their sweetscape. Milton jokes that they can still smell the paint in their house from all of Jen’s projects! Fitting with their theme, they exchanged vows at the top of the steps of Magrath Mansion, one of Edmonton’s historic homes and, as a reflection of one of Milton’s favourite past times, they hosted their reception at the wonderfully picturesque Royal Mayfair Golf Club.

Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta
Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta

This party was incredible! Jen and Milton were wonderful hosts — they wear their hearts on their sleeves and ensured their day was a true reflection of them. On their wedding day, they focused on what matters most — uniting their families and having fun. Ultimately, I think FUN was really the theme of this wedding. It was wonderful

to see the exuberant guests dancing all night — the room was filled with joy, from the minute guests arrived, to the minute they left. Congratulations, Jen & Milton on the upcoming arrival of your new family member — I hope you share many dances together!
// Kelly

Beautiful and fun wedding with live band and dj in Edmonton, Alberta

Jennefer & Milton // Edmonton, AB // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Carmen Freemark // Ceremony Venue: Magrath Mansion // Reception Venue: Royal Mayfair Golf Club // Wedding Planner: Jenna Fisher, Cocktails and Details // Marriage Commissioner: Marcia Loder // Ceremony Musicians: Jeff Ramsey // Caterer: Royal Mayfair Golf Club // Reception Entertainment: X Latin Band + Harman B (Urban Metropolis) // Transportation: Baseline Limo // Videographer: Video Wedding Productions // Stationery: Justine Ma Design // Cake Shoppe: Style Cakes // Floral Designer: Tickled Floral // Rentals: Special Event Rentals // Wedding Gown Boutique: Delica Bridal // Wedding Gown Designer: Lillen Collection // Bridesmaids’ Attire: Amsale, Delica Bridal // Makeup Artist: Sunita Sumaru (Sen Studios) + Barbie Soliman // Hair Stylist: Nicole Fusco, Revive Hair Loft // Groom’s Attire: Derk’s Formals // Groomsmen’s Attire: Derk’s Formals



Mexico Oceanfront Wedding with a Twist

What would you do, if a week before your wedding, you were told you had to completely change your plans? After months of careful planning toward a sunset ceremony in Mexico, Kim and Pierre had a week to conquer their greatest wedding test — turning a relaxing week of wedding festivities into a single, unforgettable day. Why? A week before their group was to depart from

Edmonton, Pierre learned that his work schedule had changed – something he simply couldn’t adjust. And due to this, Pierre would be in Mexico for less than 24 hours. What would your response be to a situation like this, with your dreams dashed and a year’s worth of planning completely unraveled? How they handled the situation was truly marvelous.

Wedding Photos - After Session - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding, Beach

Kim recollects that it wasn’t a tough decision: “we’re in love, and we were getting married” — the rest was just the icing on the cake! Instead of panicking, Kim and Pierre set aside their disappointment and quickly began the process of (re)planning their wedding in just one week. With the assistance of their fabulous wedding planner,

Jennifer Bergman, Kim and Pierre created an impressive surprise wedding! They opted not to share the news with their guests, but rather invited them to a pre-Mexico breakfast event in the Plaza Premium Lounge at the Edmonton International Airport…which turned out to be their official wedding ceremony!

Surprise Wedding - Edmonton Airport Wedding, Plaza Premium Lounge, Destination Wedding“At 6AM, while our family and friends sipped coffee and wiped the sleep from their eyes, Pierre and I made our entrance. We arranged to have a marriage commissioner whisked through security, and we shocked everyone by getting married right there in the airport!” ~ Kim

Surprise Wedding - Edmonton Airport Wedding, Plaza Premium Lounge, Destination WeddingWedding Party Arrives in Mexico - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding, Secrets Resort
Sunset de Mona Lisa At Night - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding, Wedding Ceremony

When Wedding Plans Go Wrong

Before they had even boarded the plane, Kim and Pierre were officially husband and wife. The wedding was a huge success, despite (or possibly because of) all of the complications they had faced. Early in the planning stages, when Hurricane Odile devastated the region of Los Cabos, they learned that their original venue was unable to open in time for the wedding. The second resort they booked also had to close due to the extent of the damage. With just over a month until

take off, Kim and Pierre were forced to book their wedding at a third resort. So, when plans changed again, a mere week before they were to say “I DO,” they shrugged it off and honoured their mantra: “you can’t stop love” — a slogan they coined early on in their relationship. If they couldn’t have the sunset ceremony they had been planning, well, a moonlit candlelight ceremony by the ocean was pretty amazing too!

Evening Wedding Ceremony - Sunset de Mona Lisa At Night - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding
Wedding Photos - Sparklers - Sunset de Mona Lisa At Night - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding, Wedding Reception

Happily, their wedding day went off without a hitch. Early the next morning Kim, Pierre, Luis (our driver), and myself enjoyed a day after photo session. Luis toured us around to some wonderful remote locations and one amazing taco stand, before circling around to drop Pierre off at the airport for his return trip home. 24 hours after

landing in Mexico, Pierre was on his flight home (followed by an all-night drive, so he could start work the following morning), while Kim and all their guests soaked up the rays and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Los Cabos.

Wedding Photos - After Session - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront Wedding, Sand Dune

Mexico Wedding, Mexico Honeymoon

But…it doesn’t end there! As a surprise happy ending to the whirlwind wedding, Kim entered into a singing competition at the resort. With Pierre watching live via Skype, Kim stole the show and took home

first place. Her prize? A free stay for 2 at the resort! And 6 weeks later, Kim was able to return, this time with hubby Pierre in tow, and they were finally able to enjoy the resort as they had planned all along.

VW Wedding Photos - City Streets - Destination Wedding Photographer - Mexico

“Watching Kim and Pierre adjust their plans with such grace — and how they surprised their guests with an airport ceremony — was awesome. When we arrived in Mexico, I could understand why they selected the Sunset da Mona Lisa as their venue, as it was one of the

most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! It was great to see this wedding pulled off so magnificently in spite of all the challenges they faced. And I’m so happy to have been a part of it”
// Kelly

Wedding Photos - On the Beach - Destination Wedding, Mexico, Oceanfront

Kim & Pierre // Edmonton, AB + Cabo San Lucas, Mexico // Ceremony Venue: Plaza Premium Lounge, Edmonton International Airport + Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant (Cabo San Lucas) // Marriage Commissioner: Marcia Loder (Edmonton) + Reverend Diego Vidal (Cabo San Lucas) // Ceremony Musicians: Trio Los Mosquitos // Reception Venue: Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant // Caterer: Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant // Wedding Planner: Jennifer Bergman Weddings // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Transportation: Transpeninsula Los Cabos (wedding day transportation) + Luis Enrique from The Cabo Agency (day after transportation) // Stationery: Pink Polka Design // Floral Designer: Cabo Floral Studio // Design & Décor: Jennifer Bergman Weddings // Rentals: Special Event Rentals (Edmonton) + Linens, Things & More (Cabo San Lucas) // Gown Boutique: Novelle Bridal Shop // Gown Designer: Allure // Shoes: Benjamin Adams London // Make-up Artist: Blanc Bridal Salon (Cabo San Lucas)// Hair Stylist: Blanc Bridal Salon (Cabo San Lucas) // Groom Formal Wear: Derk’s Formals (Edmonton) // Shoes: Kenneth Cole // Groomsmens’ Attire: Derk’s Formals (Edmonton) // Travel Agent: LY Cruising & Adventure Travel // Wedding Guests Stayed at: SECRETS Puerto Los Cabos Resort, San Jose del Cabo




Jessie and Scott were high school sweethearts. Together, they had enjoyed many adventures, but the one that was most significant was their trip to Bali. In the most picturesque setting, Scott surprised Jessie with a proposal. Coinciding with their love of traveling together, they opted to host a destination wedding. They exchanged vows with Alberta’s Rocky Mountains as their backdrop. Nestled atop a mountain in Canmore, Silvertip Resort lent

itself as the perfect venue for Jessie and Scott’s wedding day — they shared vows underneath an outdoor gazebo, fitting for a rustic inspired celebration. As their friend performed live music, Jessie and Scott sealed a vintage wine box filled with love letters they wrote for each other and a special bottle of wine — which they plan to open on their fifth anniversary.

Mountain Wedding Photographer

“It was the best party I could have hoped for, surrounded by our family and friends that love us the most.”     ~Jessie



While family and tradition were at the heart of Jessie and Scott’s wedding, they beautifully embraced traditions with their own unique flair. To suit their theme, they hired a vintage 1952 Bentley to travel throughout the mountains for the day and created DIY projects, as well as incorporated special vintage décor items. From the cake box to the mason jar centerpieces, and the handmade wooden signs and table runners, Jessie and Scott considered every detail. Jessie’s favourite

projects though were the welcome bags which included some of their favourite things: homemade wine made by the father of the bride, homemade maple fudge by the mother of the groom, popcorn, starburst candy, chocolate covered almonds, and information brochures about the Rockies — all of the things they wanted to share with their guests.



They ensured to include an abundance of special details, such as family heirlooms. Jessie and Scott included personal items to honour their loved ones. Jessie wore family heirloom earrings that were owned by her great great grandmother — earrings that have been passed on from one generation to the next and have been worn by the women in her family on each of their wedding days. At their reception,

they also displayed antique wedding photos of their family members’ weddings. As guests arrived, they were invited to type words of wisdom and congratulations on Scott’s grandmother’s typewriter. While including family traditions, Jessie and Scott have now created traditions of their own.


“Jessie and Scott’s love for each other, for their families, and for their friends was apparent, on their wedding day. Along with their guests, the newlyweds radiated with joy — they laughed easily, and often. As a photographer, I love when a couple’s laughter and excitement is so genuine that it cannot be contained. Their family and their friends

shared a beautiful day together and once it was party time, they sure knew how to celebrate! I hope that through their wedding photos, their memories, and their fifth anniversary wine box, they will be able to relive these moments for years to come.”
// Kelly


Jessie & Scott // Canmore, AB // Marriage Commissioner: Patricia Compton // Ceremony and Reception Venue: Silvertip Resort // Reception Entertainment: Class Act DJ Services // Wedding Planner: Signature Weddings By Ashley // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Karmen Meyer // Transportation: Highland Executive Chauffeur // Cake Shoppe: Cake Creations Inc // Floral Designer: Willow Haven Flower Shop // Rentals: Special Event Rentals // Gown Boutique: Bridal Debut // Gown Designer: Karena Royale by Maggie Sottero // Make-up Artist: Lana Rae Makeup Artist // Groom Formal Wear: Hugo Boss // Bridesmaids’ Attire: Noir by Lazaro from Delica Bridal // Other: DIY components — burlap table runners by the Bride’s Grandmother + wooden signs made from the Bride’s Grandfather and Mother of the Bride





Their family, their friends, and Annie (their dog) proved to be the inspiration behind Kirsten and Dustin’s wedding plans. Together, they imagined a day motivated by those they love most and a day inspired by a marriage of vintage décor and DIY touches — all while ensuring their personalities were apparent.

The wedding party wore an eclectic assortment of outfits — all of them coordinated, but it was important for Kirsten and Dustin to allow their wedding party’s personalities be reflected in their attire as well. Even Annie was adorned with a sunflower collar to complement the wedding décor!


“We knew that we wanted our wedding day to be filled with warm memories of friends, families and dogs – and it truly was!”



Sometimes, even with the most detailed planning and preparation, surprises arise. Although Kirsten and Dustin had dreamt of an outdoor ceremony in the quaint courtyard of a small Church, mother nature had other plans for them. Instead, only minutes before the ceremony was to commence, they agreed to move their wedding

ceremony indoors. As they walked into the Church, they were blown away by how perfectly it suited their vision — with a vaulted wooden ceiling and large oak doors, they were welcomed into a warm, intimate space — not quite what they had intended, but exactly what they had imagined it would feel like.


Warm and Intimate DIY Wedding Details

The warmth and intimacy continued at Kirsten and Dustin’s reception venue, where they decorated with white twinkle lights and candlelight. The eclectic DIY projects were apparent — there were mason jar candle holders adorned with dog tags, each of the centerpieces shared part of Kirsten and Dustin’s love story — images from places they had lived and photos of their childhoods. They also shared a video of how they met. With the help of their family and friends, Kirsten and Dustin

ensured that the DIY elements were reflective of their personalities. No detail was forgotten. They even invited family and friends to contribute homemade cookies and cupcakes to their dessert table. And, of course, when they designed their candy bar, full of their favourite treats, they didn’t forget about Annie — there were plenty of her favourites too!


“Kirsten & Dustin are a fun and genuine couple. I’m sure that all of their guests will attest to the fact that their love and happiness radiated on their wedding day. Together, they laugh easily and they ensured that their personalities were apparent in their wedding plans.

I enjoyed seeing all of the personal touches, as well as seeing how the couple’s family and friends all came together to contribute to this special day. It was a privilege to photograph their wedding, as it felt like I was simply spending the day with longtime friends!”
// Kelly


Kirsten & Dustin // Date: 28 June 2012 // Location: Edmonton, AB // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Second Photographer: Karmen Meyer // Ceremony Venue: Christ Church // Reception Venue: Whitemud Creek Community Hall // Wedding Planer: Atmosphere Wedding Planning and Design // Florist: Studio Bloom Floral Design // Wedding Dress: The Bridal House // Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss // Catering: A Capella Catering // Cake: Christina Kim