Let’s Elope to Scotland

Let’s Elope”, he said. It was mentioned half-heartedly, a whisper of an idea, really. But by the time the words had faded, their journey was set in motion. Oh, it took a little time for the whole thing to come together, but those first muttered words changed their course. And just like that, they were headed back to Scotland. If you’ve never been to Scotland, let me say that it is one of

those special places in the world that gets its hooks in you; it becomes a part of you. I’ve been fortunate to travel there three times in the past several years, and my heart longs for more adventures in the beauty of the highlands. The Isle of Skye in particular is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Wedding Photos - Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, Destination Photographer

“It felt like it was us against the storm, and as we held on to each other, we knew that together, we could survive anything” – Shawn

Wedding Photos - Scotland Highlands, Veil, Countryside

The Most Intimate Wedding

This elopement was actually a return. Shawn and Natalie had decided to vacation in Scotland in the spring. And it was there, in a tower of the western highland’s Eilean Donan Castle, (one of Scotland’s most amazing castles) that Shawn asked and Natalie answered. This time, though, they were escorted by a piper, on a typically miserable November day, and it was beautiful. Or better yet, it was intimate.

That’s how I would describe the wedding. Or relaxed. Or blissful. Or, perhaps, perfect. With just their parents in attendance, this was the smallest wedding I’ve attended. Including the bride and groom, I was guest number 6. We all stayed at The Torridon, which is a converted hunting lodge, though no hunting lodge I’ve ever seen has a library, 2 restaurants, a parlor and a lounge.

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding - Scotland, Wedding Photographer, Rain

“I’m bringing a couple cigars for later – you like cigars, right?” I’m no connoisseur, but when the mood strikes… I do, however, enjoy the occasional whisky; there was no arm-twisting required for that.

Sipping a 15 year Mortlach, overlooking the loch and mountains and the hairy coo in the pasture, and in the company of these amazing humans; it is as I said – perfect.

Torridon Hotel Wedding Photos - Scotland, Photographer
Isle of Skye Wedding Photos - Cuillin, Scotland, Photographer

Rain on your Wedding Day

The rain in Scotland is well documented. I’ve never seen a weather forecast of 150-200mm of rain before, so I imagined it was a typo. We got off easy with a mere 30-40mm. The wind, however, was something else. The only other time I’d been in weather even close to this was while shooting another wedding at the very same castle. Somehow, though, the moody weather only helped make the wedding

day even more magical. Every destination wedding is different. This elopement focused on the most important things to the wedding – the love, the ceremony, the location, and the people most responsible for bringing it together. There was no need to impress anyone with gaudy trinkets – the exchanged vows, the experiences shared, and the unparalleled beauty of the landscape were enough.

Wedding Photos - Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, Destination Photographer

There is something about braving the elements and surviving them that binds you closely with those who have shared the experience. It is part of the adventure, and part of the story that you are crafting.

Shawn and Natalie – enjoy this story, and all the others you create together. It was an honour to have played a small role.

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding - Scotland, Wedding Photographer, Rain

Natalie & Shawn // 14/11/2015 // Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND // Photographer: Kelly Redinger | Photographer // Ceremony Venue: Eilean Donan Castle // Reception Venue: The Torridon // Florals: Flowers By The Castle

  • Kelly,

    Your work is spectacular! I come to your site to get inspiration... Your images make my heart sing.

    I'm considering shooting wedding films. I've shot one so far. I'd love to buy you lunch and pick your brain sometime if you'd let me...

    I hope you will say yes!


  • christa keen said:

    For the love of mike: These photos make my heart sing. I want to elope to Scotland!!